What is Values

What is Values?
Values is believes that is equally in-portend, tangible
enough so that the results of them can be seen when they are lived out.
______________________________ My Values____________________________________________

a Close companion that will DIE for you/me or with you/me in battle.
It is not:- Love or Loyalty

a Person that is not pride, greed or arrogant and is "to be humble although successful" And "Respect others, in-respectful of your position in society".
It is not:- Humility

To be free from favoritism, self- intrust or preferences in judgement
It is not:- Integrity

Not to take what do mot belong to me.
Not to tel lies
It is not:- Integrity or Trustworthy


Friday, August 10, 2012

Morals and Principles

One persons integrity is not above other peoples integrity therefor respect other people.

See the movie:" IP Man 2 legend of the grandmaster"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Value Your Values

a Value is not a value if you do not value it as a value.

Faces of the world

Looking at all the faces that shaped this world. Some will make you proud and sum will make you sad. How do that mirror the world you create for yourself ?